TEL Community

TEL Communities (Also known as Traditional Equine Living Communities or Traditional Equine Lifestyle Communes) were a style of arranged communal living centers designed in the mid 1960’s to specifically to accommodate Stallions natural proclivity for keeping a harem of mates without breaking polygamy laws.

TEL Communities evolved from a similar system from the 1950’s called TEL Centers. TEL centers where not designed for long term occupancy. One of the purposes of early TEL Centers where to allow for discreet sexual encounters between regular groups of between 3 – 5.

Traditional Equine Living continues to be popular through the midwest and West Coast. Modern TEL Communities can house many more mares, The Largest of which is the 3 Flag Estate in Northern California, housing over 120 mares shared between 3 brothers at its peak of popularity in the late 1990’s/ Early 2000’s.


Old World Bloodlines never had much need for these types of centers since harem marriages are not illegal in EU, The Middle East or Asia. Both central and south America outlaw TEL Communities entirely, however some still operate illegally in rural areas.


While many members enjoy the close knit relationships that can form at TEL Communitie, there are some who consider them to be a population concern due to the amount of communal breeding that occurs on a regular basis. TEL communities are known to expand very fast and sometimes grow too far beyond their means. Additionally they can be a hotbed for STIs and STDs, the most common example being equine herpes.

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