High Tail Hall is the name of one of the most famous premier adult sex clubs in the world. The first club was established by Crowchild under his previous business entity, Pendragon Entertainment , though this endeavour was cut short due to unforeseen circumstances. However, this project would set in motion the chain of events that eventually led to the establishment and namesake of HTH Studios.

Island City Location

The Original High Tail Hall was built in Island City, New York in a renovated former piano restoration warehouse. The original Hall had a small bar, a lounge, 2 small private rooms upstairs, and a VIP room down off the balcony. While technically a brothel, the hall was able to skirt the line of the already ill defined New York State and City “Establishment Laws”. Upon opening, the club drew record numbers for it’s relatively small size. The VIP room, while completed, was never opened to the public.

The Fire

Unfortunately, the original establishment for High Tail Hall ended abruptly due to an electrical fire. The fire started from a nearby building and spread to the Hall nearly instantly. No employees or patrons were harmed in the fire. While nothing could be salvaged, the insurance payout helped fund a new location under the new company name of HTH Studios.

The New Cyana Islands Location

Seeking once again to circumvent the Establishment Laws prevalent in the United States and most European countries, Crow sought out a new location to rebuild High Tail Hall outside of any country’s territory. He settled on a small archipelago in the Pacific Ocean called the New Cyana Islands. After opening discussions with the residents of the island, [https://new-cyana.fandom.com/wiki/Nariatt The Nariatt], Crow was able to make a mutually beneficial deal that allowed him to begin construction and modernization of the Sapphire Islands. Construction is still ongoing for both High Tail Hall and several other businesses on the island.