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3 Flag Estate

3 Flag Estate (3FE) is one of the largest remaining TEL Comunity in the United States with over 120 female members shared between brothers Preston, Mark, and Chase Trotter. While it is technically registered in the United States TEL Index there have been several controversies over the years which bring into question whether 3FE is […]

TEL Community

TEL Communities (Also known as Traditional Equine Living Communities or Traditional Equine Lifestyle Communes) were a style of arranged communal living centers designed in the mid 1960’s to specifically to accommodate Stallions natural proclivity for keeping a harem of mates without breaking polygamy laws. TEL Communities evolved from a similar system from the 1950’s called […]

The New Cyana Islands

The New Cyana Islands are an ancient chain of lush tropical islands not present on any world map. Tourist Access to the Island is granted exclusively to HTH Studios. Contents Climate Geography Flora Fauna Climate The islands very rarely have weather other than clear skies. This makes it an ideal filming location for HTH Studios. When […]