Jeanette Hayes

Jeanette Hayes is a 22 year old Adult model and Pornstar from Kings, New York.

 She began working for HTH Studios after leaving college and relocated to the New Cyana Islands where she continues to Model, Perform in XXX films, games, magazines and works as an Escort.


Jeanette began her career in porn filming with 2 stallions she met while attending college in Upstate New York. Although at the time it was a Very small operation her films where some of the top sellers on the site. She ended the partnership after many arguments over payment.

When she Turned 19 she sent in a video Audition to the then new HTH Studios At New Cyana. Seeing potential Crowchild signed her and along with Fellow busty mare Anne she has become one of the most Popular performers and entertainers at HTH Studios.


While she did not complete her college course, Jeanette has had a fascination with movies and film since she can remember.


Jeanette claims to be VERY susceptible to the effects known as ASMR.


Jeanette has a hereditary hormonal imbalance causing her to develop large, sensitive areola, and lactation. Another developmental side effect has been a highly sensitive clitoris, irregular heat cycle and elevated sex drive. This also makes her extremely fertile even while on birth control. Most pill-form Birth control is not effective. Due to this risk factor She will absolutely refuse any customer Stallions who won’t use protection.

OccupationCamGirl, Model, Pornstar, Escort