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3 Flag Estate

3 Flag Estate (3FE) is one of the largest remaining TEL Comunity in the United States with over 120 female members shared between brothers Preston, Mark, and Chase Trotter. While it is technically registered in the United States TEL Index there have been several controversies over the years which bring into question whether 3FE is […]

Anne Tayven

Anne is a Draft Horse who hails from Toronto, Canada. She made her debut as the cover girl for the first issue of Top Heavy from HTH Illustrated. The Issue remains VERY difficult to track down due to the immense demand. Issues pop up on EBuy from time to time for as much as $1500 (unsigned). Appearances […]

Ava Miller

Ava Miller is an 18 year old calico cat with a love of suggestive clothing. Appearances Ava has appeared in issue 5 of the first volume of Risky Pleasure. Hair Brown Eyes Green/Hazel Gender Female Sexuality BiSexual Species Cat Occupation Camgirl, Model, Pornstar, Escort


The NeoNexi BlackBook is a lightweight MPC originally released in 2015. The BlackBook2 was released in 2018. Originally developed by The NeoNexi Corporation and Manufactured by MGI Labs the BlackBook has become the fastest selling pieces of technology of all time. The BlackBook2 Developer NeoNexi Manufacturer MGI Labs Type Mobile Personal Computer Units Sold 4.6 Billion (As of November 1, 2019) Operating System Gemstone […]


A slang term eluding to the involuntary tail waving motions by some stallions during ejaculation. The term later resurfaced later as a slang term to describe a mare with her tail pulled back provocatively.


High Tail Hall is the name of one of the most famous premier adult sex clubs in the world. The first club was established by Crowchild under his previous business entity, Pendragon Entertainment , though this endeavour was cut short due to unforeseen circumstances. However, this project would set in motion the chain of events that eventually led to the establishment […]

HVS Cartridges

HSV or Home Video Storage Type 1 Cartridges where an early form of media storage developed in the late 1970’s and replaced VSC Tapes of the early 1970’s entirely within 1 year. HSV’s victory over the superior ZetaMax format is often attributed to HSV allowing Porn to be sold using the format and Logo starting in the late 70’s.

Jeanette Hayes

Jeanette Hayes is a 22 year old Adult model and Pornstar from Kings, New York.  She began working for HTH Studios after leaving college and relocated to the New Cyana Islands where she continues to Model, Perform in XXX films, games, magazines and works as an Escort. Career Jeanette began her career in porn filming with 2 […]


HTH Illustrated: Risky Pleasure Wet Dreams Top Heavy Barely Legal Beauties Hard Bodied Bitches Big Assed Mares

Mobile Personal Computer

A Mobile Personal Computer Aka MPC is roughly equivalent to a Smartphone. The most popular MPC of all time is the NeoNexi BlackBook