The New Cyana Islands

The New Cyana Islands are an ancient chain of lush tropical islands not present on any world map. Tourist Access to the Island is granted exclusively to HTH Studios.


  • Climate
  • Geography
  • Flora
  • Fauna


The islands very rarely have weather other than clear skies. This makes it an ideal filming location for HTH Studios. When it does rain, it is usually as a light drizzle that is usually followed by small but thick and low hanging fogs. 


The archipelago contains a plethora of natural formations including high cliffs, dormant volcanoes, caverns, and beaches. The islands themselves are separated into 5 distinct masses:

  • The Sapphire islands
  • The Emerald Glades
  • The Ruby Mesas
  • The Island of the Sun
  • The Island of the Moon


The New Cyana Islands, being relatively isolated, have unique plantlife that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Research is ongoing and new species are still being discovered. Some plants have use as ingredients and medicinal herbs.


The archipelago provides a home for some rare forms of feral wildlife as well as indigenous tribes like The Nariatt.

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