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MOYOS & MOMOS are short for “Members Of Your Own Species” and “Members Of My Own Species“. It has become prominent on the internet through interspecies Dating. The Opposite is MOADS or “Members Of A Different Species”.


The Following performers are Contracted exclusively through HTH Studios LLC or are representative of HTH Studios Retro Catalog: Currently Contracted: Anne Tayven Amber Bliss Ava Miller Bella Ferrari Brandi Sapphire Brittany Candy Charlotte Leigh China Denise Ember Erin Roth Francesca Goldie Ginger Jade Amuro Jasmine St. Joy Jaymee Kay Jeanette Hayes Jezzel Vega Julie Divine Kendra Feral Kibō Kenjataimu […]

TEL Community

TEL Communities (Also known as Traditional Equine Living Communities or Traditional Equine Lifestyle Communes) were a style of arranged communal living centers designed in the mid 1960’s to specifically to accommodate Stallions natural proclivity for keeping a harem of mates without breaking polygamy laws. TEL Communities evolved from a similar system from the 1950’s called […]

The New Cyana Islands

The New Cyana Islands are an ancient chain of lush tropical islands not present on any world map. Tourist Access to the Island is granted exclusively to HTH Studios. Contents Climate Geography Flora Fauna Climate The islands very rarely have weather other than clear skies. This makes it an ideal filming location for HTH Studios. When […]


ZetaMax Cartridges where a Media Storage technology developed in the late 1970’s. While the picture quality was superior to rival HVS Cartridges, the latter would emerge victorious in what is now considered the First Format War. The HSV Type I format was able to store Data and Video files meaning that games where a variable in some capacity […]